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Wood Panel

Del Monte Bulding

Please note, the Del Monte Building is currently closed for refurbishing. We are excited to invite volunteers to help restore, organize, and build new exhibits. Your contribution will be invaluable in preserving and enhancing this vital part of our local history ensuring that this important piece of our heritage remains accessible and informative for future generations. Your help with the Del Monte building will make a significant difference in bringing history to life at Kingsburg Historical Park.
Wood Panel
Colorful awnings over the window and door invite volunteers to help restore Kingsburg's history
Del Monte building ready to be restored.  2024

The “Del Monte Building” at Kingsburg Historical Park exhibits pictures and artifacts related to the Del Monte Cannery, a Kingsburg icon for many years. Established in 2014, the Del Monte Building houses a rich collection of historical memorabilia. In 2015, we installed a TV and DVD player to tell the "Del Monte Story," providing visitors with an engaging multimedia experience.

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