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With contributions from the neighbors in the community the building was built on the property across the road from the schoolhouse which was purchased for “1 dollar in gold". Most of the labor to build was also donated by members of the

church and a church member built the church furniture. The building was lit by acetylene gas lamps. The total cost for the original building was $1400.  On January 14, 1912, the church was dedicated, free of debt. At that time, a second-hand organ was placed in the sanctuary and used until 1922 when it was replaced by a piano. Over the years, services have been held continuously. Membership has ranged from 42 in 1914 to a peak of 89 in 1929.

The church is in use today.


Riverbend Church was built


Arrived in the Historical Park from 5681 Bangor Ave, Kingsburg

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 Riverbend Church, an historic building relocated to Kingsburg Historical Park.  Open for worship on Sundays, 10:30 to 12:00


Click here to read a short history of the Riverbend Church.

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Moving 2016

Arrived in the Historical park from 5681 Bangor Ave, Kingsburg

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A New Home

On February 4, 2016, the church was moved to its present location in the

Kingsburg Historical Park. Much work was done to restore and renovate the

old building: The AC, the ceiling, the lights, the roof, the flooring, and exterior paint all needed work. A state of the art media system was installed to really bring the building up to today’s standards.

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A Park Treasure for Today

Weddings, memorial services, and Sunday morning services are held regularly.  Plan your wedding at the Park.  Click on the venue tab for information.  

The church is open each Sunday from 10:30 to 12:00 noon for their worship service.

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