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The Tank House was moved from Jack Tapp’s farm on Conejo (City name is Sierra St.) Avenue, just west of the Kingsburg Industrial Park, to the Historical Park.

In 2018, upon the death of LeRoy Giannini, the Historical Society received a grant from the estate to remodel and repurpose the ground floor of our tank house to provide a display of artifacts from the office of LeRoy Giannini and to tell the story of this agricultural pioneer. LeRoy Giannini started farming on 20 acres when his father was killed in an accident. The family business grew to over 2,000 acres of nectarines and plums, as well as a processing plant in Dinuba, Ca. There was also some cattle ranching in the Cambria, Ca. area. 
Mr. Giannini served on various committees having to do with the fruit industry. He was  chairman of the Nectarine Administrative Committee for 30 years. At one time he was the largest grower of nectarines in the world.
Mr. Giannini gave generously to many causes, however, many such donations were not publicized as he did not seek recognition. He was equally generous to his many employees and performed many acts of kindness when they had needs they could not meet. 
Upon his death, he left a very sizable amount from his estate to St. Jude Hospital and to Valley Children's Hospital.

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