Board of Directors

Gary Nelson

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Ed Morgan


Tanya Barros


Ron Bergman

Members At Large

Janet Cabral

David Meyer

Gloria Mendes

Greg Jonsson

Richard Guestin

David Lindgren

Loretta Snedegar

Henry Garcia

Stephen Hall

Greg Soghoian

Chris Peterson


Medical Building

The Medical Building houses many of the fixtures and equipment from the office of the late Ewald Larson, MD, an early day physician and surgeon.  Dr. Larson’s daughter, Carolyn Larson Moen, donated financially towards the construction of the building.  In this exhibit too are pictures of Dr. Gillespie (Dr. Larson’s Father-in-law) Roland Stucky, MD & Dr. Flora Smith. The fixtures in the Dentist’s Office are from the office of the late Conrad Kolander, DDS.  Drs. Kolander & Larson were Kingsburg Elementary and Kingsburg High School classmates; their entire careers were spent in Kingsburg, plus they lived with their families as neighbors!  Pharmacist, Gordon Satterberg, (Model Drug Store owner) a Kingsburg native and one who served as Kingsburg’s Mayor for l8 years, was instrumental in collecting the items and furnishing the Drug Store that is located at the North end of the Medical Building. Pharmacist Donald Workman who purchased the Model Drug Store from Satterberg has also contributed many of the artifacts to this exhibit.