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Gary Nelson

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Ed Morgan


Tanya Barros


Ron Bergman

Members At Large

Janet Cabral

David Meyer

Gloria Mendes

Greg Jonsson

Richard Guestin

David Lindgren

Loretta Snedegar

Henry Garcia

Stephen Hall

Greg Soghoian

Chris Peterson



This is the mural designed and installed by Dave Meyer on the side of Stockholm Bakery in downtown Kingsburg. It serves the purpose of providing much needed information to visitors, as well as giving the Kingsburg Historical Society some exposure outside of the park.


Our replica coffee pot water tower has been down for quite some time for repairs and restoration. Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, it is now back in its place at the front of the park.


Gary Nelson and Ron Snedegar plant another tree on the grounds.


Conversion of the old workshop to display artifacts from the Del Monte Plant #25, which ceased operation in Kingsburg in 2013, after many years of producing canned products. The ground the plant stood on has been cleared except for one large serviceable building which the new owners plan on using. Below are panels upon which many of the Del Monte employees have placed their hanprints and names for posterity. The awnings and other artifacts were donated to the Kingsburg Historical Society by Del Monte.


This may not look like much, but it's value is immeasurable. In our Historical Park Hall we recently installed noise reduction panels made possible by a grant from the Larry L. Hillblom Foundation. Previously there was a huge amount of echo off of the walls and floor. This reduces that echo by a very significant amount. This willl make all events much more enjoyable.


The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation has provided a grant to the Kingsburg Historical Society to place outdoor displays depicting either Kingsburg citizens of renown or of historical subject matter. Here are some of the results, with images showing the construction.

Wallace Smith, Kingsburg native, historian, and author, is right at home by the Clay School.

Dr Weston Anderson accomplished scientist.

Louie Bertelli who was instrumental in the design and erection of our displays, works on putting one together.



The first display to be completed shows Archie Olson. On the reverse side, the pricipals of the invention and production of the Hula Ho are shown. Artist who created the images is Maxine Olson.

Bob Towt is shown beside the image created by artist Maxine Olson. The image tells of the founding of Towt Industries, which was established by Towt's father, Don, and run for many years by Bob and his brother, Don, Jr.  They patented and produced the world famous Hula Ho.

Artist Maxine Olson stands in front of her work, commisioned by the Kingsburg Historical Society.