Board of Directors

Gary Nelson

Vice President

Ed Morgan


Tanya Barros


Ron Bergman

Members At Large

Janet Cabral

David Meyer

Gloria Mendes

Greg Jonsson

Richard Guestin

David Lindgren

Loretta Snedegar

Henry Garcia

Stephen Hall

Greg Soghoian

Chris Peterson



 A beautiful day, a fantastic venue and a fine meal. Doesn't get much better than that.

Whole lotta talkin' and a whole lotta cookin' going on.

Gary Nelson and Henry Garcia prep the meat.

The Great Danes bestow upon us their great music.

The servers man their stations. Left to right: Allison Meyer, Alex Meyer, Janet Cabral, Sharron Lindgren, Ron Snedegar, Gloria Mendes, Angie Ramirez, Rick Guestin.

The planning is perfected. Ron and Loretta Snedegar.

I have no doubt that we provided the best dessert of the year at a fundraising dinner. Cupcakes from Stockholm Bakery had people begging for seconds.

Distinguished guests arrive. Donna Rogers and Maxine Olson.

The takeout staff was hammered hard, but kept the meals flowing out. 

Gary Nelson addresses the crowd.

Even the young ones seemed to have fun.

Buddy Mendes, a candidate for the Fresno County Board of Supervisors took the opportunity to meet the diners.

One enticing dining option was the quiet of a picnic bench in the heart of the park. This is Steve and Mary Nagle.

Bob Towt stands proudly beside a display created by Maxine Olson, depicting salient facts surrounding the creation and production of the Hula Ho, which was invented and produced in Kingsburg by Bob, his brother, Don, Jr., and their father, Don Towt, Sr.

A good bench, a beautiful day and some fine conversation.

The aftermath. Left to right: Henry Garcia, Loretta Snedegar, and Mike Roehlk.